Our goal is to reach the heart of your clients throughout our designs.

This collection stands out for its quality craftmanship production process and its sophisticated designs. Our goal is to reach the heart of our/your clients throughout our designs.



Experience the transformative power of Amatoya’s expertise in residential, hospitality, workplace, healthcare, and educational sectors. Explore our signature line and unlock bespoke solutions tailored to your needs. Embrace our expanded collections and elevate your spaces with our thoughtfully curated furniture, textile, wallcovering, lighting, and flooring collections, meticulously designed for unparalleled aesthetics and performance. 

From concept to creation, Amatoya redefines the essence of every environment, fostering productivity, wellness, and inspiration – redefining spaces with quality, style and functionality.

Amatoya, founded in 2019, represents a fusion of interior design expertise with an innovative approach to furniture design. Emerging from a background entrenched in hospitality and residential projects, the focus has shifted towards indigenous sculptural forms in larger-scale objects and furniture.

The design philosophy at Amatoya is a product of diverse influences, notably rooted in a deep connection to Native American heritage. The appreciation for art and design spans generations within the Amatoya legacy, particularly influenced by indigenous art that emphasizes textured layers and a profound connection to materiality.

The team at Amatoya, comprised of versatile designers, shares a unified commitment to refinement, simplicity, and the promotion of well-being through design. Their collaborative synergy molds a design narrative that encapsulates a shared aesthetic. The culmination of these collective perspectives yields spaces and furniture that seamlessly intertwine elegance with functional artistry.


Amatoya craftsmanship is used as the basis of our production.  In the technological world we live in, regaining love for manual labor, is a privilege.

Our furniture could not exist without the accumulated wisdom in the hands of the artisans who produce them.  But we do no renounce the use of some high precision tools, guided by the computer, for certain parts of our furniture that require pinpoint accuracy.