Reaching the heart throughout our designs

This collection stands out for its quality craftmanship production process and its sophisticated designs. Our goal is to reach the heart of our/your clients throughout our designs.


Sublime luxury

connecting you to the present

Amatoya is a furniture and design studio by Cray Bauxmont-Flynn, his intent is to create tactile pieces and spaces that engage the senses. With an emphasis on the unique, the collection embraces the imperfection and randomness found in natural materials, as well as native american cultural elements with the juxtaposition of contrasting textures, markings and finishes. Amatoya’s sculptural forms combine both modern and centuries old techniques to achieve an elevated, contemporary aesthetic. The collection showcases master craftsmanship, ranging from hand-stitched leather and upholstery to hand-sculpted and patinated wood and metals. Each piece is made to order in Oklahoma by highly skilled craftspeople and accomplished artisans.

Cray, who founded Amatoya in 2019, is an interior designer bringing his eye for composition and detail to furniture design. After working in high-end hospitality and residential projects, his interest in the sculptural form has extended itself to the larger scale of objects and furniture. His approach to design has been cultivated through his own upbringing and life experiences with an inherent close bound to his and his mother’s native american roots.. An appreciation of art and design was passed down from his respective mother and grandmother, an artist herself who heavily influenced his approach to design with the layered textures of her abstract oil paintings and her soulful connection to materiality. Through an innate shared eye and aesthetic, Cray and his multifaceted group of designers work together organically towards a common vision for refinement, simplicity and well-being.


At Amatoya we do not measure our furniture by their price, but for its value. Who can put a price on a sunrise or a smile?

Our designs are made with our HANDS. With all rigor and perfection of craftsmanship. The experience and love for the profession that some artisans treasure is a priceless heritage that we are ready to preserve and promote.

Our furniture is designed with our HEART. With the conviction to find something beyond geometry. We seek the origin of certain feelings, linked to sensory experiences. That strange alchemy that occurs inside us when we see and touch certain things. Our designs are to see, touch and above all to feel.

Our customers share a feature that makes them very special. They are not only highly qualified professionals or people of extraordinary taste. They are mostly ADDICTED TO BEAUTY.



Amatoya craftsmanship is used as the basis of our production.  In the technological world we live in, regaining love for manual labor, is a privilege.

Our furniture could not exist without the accumulated wisdom in the hands of the artisans who produce them.  But we do no renounce the use of some high precision tools, guided by the computer, for certain parts of our furniture that require pinpoint accuracy.