Ahawi Dining Table


The Ahawi dining table exemplifies elegant simplicity. The name Ahawi comes from the Cherokee word meaning deer. Inspired by the form and function of organics fractals. The Ahawi symmetrical legs achieve a surprisingly solid yet light structure representative to the points of a deer’s antlers for which the table was envisioned and created.   In various Native American tribes the meaning of the Deer Track symbol was to signify that hunting in the area was plentiful. The tracks of an animal, such as a deer, were used to indicate a direction. The meaning of the Deer Track symbol was to signify the presence of deer in the area and indicate where they had been found, or the direction they were taking. The deer track symbol also symbolized safety, prosperity, and shelter. The deer was important to many Indian tribes as it provided a good means of sustenance providing food and clothing for the tribe. Native American Indians prayed to the deer to give them a good hunt and in return promised to take no more than was essential for the survival of the tribe. Words of gratitude were often spoken over the body of the deer. The deer symbolize gentleness, grace and what is necessary for survival, the deer also represents family protection.

Technical Information

Wood Finish Options:  American Walnut, Oiled Walnut, Oak, Mahogany, Paldao – refer to wood chart

23’W x 23”D x 28.75”H
(Dimensions do not include top) 
Recommended: 54-60” diameter glass top, 3/4” thick
Item: MB-AC-23

78’W x 39”D x 29.5”H
Also available as base-only
Item: MB-AC-78

95’W x 42”D x 29.5”H
Also available as base-only
Item: MB-AC-95

95”W x 42”D (131” fully extended) x 29.5”H 
Item: MB-AC-95E
Features:  Two 18” breadboard leaves

Available as 6-Leg and 4-leg Round Base Only
MADE to Order