Hogan Cabinet

Hogan Cabinet

A hogan (/ˈhoʊɡɑːn/ or /ˈhoʊɡən/; from Navajo hooghan [hoːɣan]) is the primary, traditional dwelling of the Navajo people. Other traditional structures include the summer shelter, the underground home, and the sweat house. A hogan can be round, cone-shaped, multi-sided, or square; with or without internal posts; timber or stone walls and packed with earth in varying amounts or a bark roof for a summer house, with the door facing east to welcome the rising sun for wealth and good fortune.

The Hooghan Cabinet is derived from a journey we day-hiked to Keet Seel ( Kawestima). The prehistoric Puebloan Ancestors built Tsegi Phase villages within the natural sandstone alcoves of our canyons. The resilient Ancestral Puebloans paved the way for current Native American groups in the Southwest region. These villages, which date from AD 1250 to 1300, thrill all who visit with original architectural elements such as roof beams, masonry walls, rock art, and hand and foot holds. Our cabinet was designed to represent the early housing of multi-storied pueblos under the natural shelter of cliff walls and overhangs

Technical Information

The entire piece is made from solid wood. The doors are formed from full planks of walnut or ash and the negative portions are cut away to form beautiful angles. Includes 6 finger pull drawers: 2 small and 2 large; 6 preset storage shelves.
Available as a single unit or a connected double unit
85″W x 20″D x 85″H
Item Number: AC-HC-10

Wood Finish Options: American Walnut, Oiled Walnut, Oak, Mahogany, Paldao – refer to wood chart

MADE to Order
*Available in custom sizes