Noquisi Table

Morning Star

Depicting the 7-star point of the Cherokee Nation representing the 7 clans, our Noquisi “Morning Star” drum style side table symbolizes hope and guidance. The morning star is the brightest star in the sky at dawn. The morning star is actually the planet Venus as seen in the eastern sky around dawn. It is used by many Native American Indian tribes and usually has meanings related to past spirits and ancestors. In many of the Native American cultures the ancestors were represented as stars. For additional information on this subject refer to Star Chart & Astrology. The Great Plains Indians honor the morning star as a sign of courage and purity of spirit. The Ghost Dance Religion used it as a symbol of the coming renewal of tradition and resurrection of the heroes of the past.

The Religion, Ceremonies and Beliefs of the American Native Indians were dominated by Shamanism in which a religious leader, called a Shaman, acted as a medium between the visible and spirit worlds. Two Paiute prophets, or shamans, named Wodziwob and Wovoka, introduced the Ghost Dance in a mystical ceremony designed to re-establish the native culture and restore the environment to pre-European levels. The Morning Star symbol is closely associated with Sitting Bull, another famous shaman. The symbol of a Shaman is often associated with the following shaman sun symbol and the similarities between the symbol and Morning star symbol are evident.

Technical Information

Drum style side table clad in wood with mirror top.
Solid wood with wood strip plates with brass rib trim, also available in brass strip plates.

Wood Finish Options: American Walnut, Oiled Walnut, Oak, Mahogany, Paldao – refer to wood chart

Coffee Table
Dimensions: 34.25″ DIA x 20″ H
Item: AC-NT-30

Side Table
Dimensions: 29.25″ DIA x 18″ H
Item: AC-NT-36

Side Table
Dimensions: 33.75″ DIA x 26″ H
Item: AC-NT-26

MADE to Order
*Custom sizes available