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KFOR – Oklahoma News 4 Updated Jun


An excellent article from KFOR that talks about the beginnings of Amatoya and why it is such a success.

MUSKOGEE, Okla. (KFOR) – Most people who think of Native American furnishings draw a blank.

“It goes beyond Navajo rugs and turquoise jewelry from Arizona,” says architect and interior designer Cray Bauxmont- Flynn.

He started with the basics, right down to the stories his Cherokee great-grandmother used to tell him to form the building blocks of culture.

“I wanted to tell the story of my culture in a different aspect,” says Flynn.

A dream to bring those designs to real furniture brought Cray to Muskogee and the Thayer family – in business since 1955, building and upholstering just about anything that needs it.

Greg Thayer showed him around and introduced him to his family, many of them who still work here.

‘Can you build my designs?’ he asked them.

‘Yes we can’, they replied.

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Cherokee Pheonix Updated 

Learn more about Cray and his vision and why he feels it is so important for the Native American community.

Article Excerpt:

TULSA – With an interest in furniture design for more than 10 years, Cherokee Nation citizen and architect Cray Bauxmont-Flynn is realizing the idea of creating custom furniture with his new business Amatoya, a furniture design firm.

Bauxmont-Flynn is an architect by trade with the Edmonson Flynn Group Design & Architecture firm, where he is principal owner and chief operating officer.

With Amatoya, his vision is to have Native American culture and artistry promoted in the production of the furniture line by adding cultural elements to the designs and names of the pieces.

To learn more about Amatoya you can email us at or give us a call at 918-812-8860.

Native Knot – Apr 7, 2021

Native Knot also picked up the article.  Amatoya is very proud to be generating interest in and recognition for the skills and talents of Native American artists.

Tulsa architect and entrepreneur Cray Bauxmont-Flynn has launched Amatoya, a Tulsa-based Native American furniture design and manufacturing company.

“Amatoya will promote Native American culture and artistry, incorporating it into a furniture line produced in eastern Oklahoma,” said Flynn. He is best known as the principal and chief operating officer of EFG Design and Architecture, with offices in Tulsa, Dallas, and Las Vegas.
Amatoya – a Cherokee word meaning “rainmaker” – opened with a three-person design staff producing a broad product line of household and hospitality furniture. Flynn said his firm is outsourcing its initial manufacturing needs to eastern Oklahoma craftsmen. These artisans are hand-crafting sofas, chairs, cabinets, desks, and other case goods for six designer showrooms under development in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Atlanta, Denver, Dallas, and Chicago.