Tsusga Sofa


In many Native American traditions, the oak tree is considered a sacred tree and was used in a multitude of ways medicinally by many Native American tribes in North America.

From the various parts of oak trees, Indians carved bows; wove baskets; derived medicines for treating illnesses; and obtained fire for warmth, cooking, and firing pottery. For thousands of years, native families warmed themselves, danced, or told stories in front of campfires fueled with oak firewood.

There is nothing reserved about the comfortable and relaxing days of the Tsusga sofa. The depth of its seat invites you to languish in the peace, whose softness and  warmth combined with the natural honey patina of the solid oak feet, set off with horizontal lines of mosaic coconut shell as a subtle accent.



Available as a T-Cushion or standard loose seat cushion with foam core and 75/25 feather/down wrap, three 20” x 20″ 75/25 feather/down square box pillows and three lumbar pillows. 4 way construction.
Additional back wood trim accent – available on request
Dimensions: 108” W x 41” D x 33.5” H
18″ Seat Height (to crown),
Seat Depth 20”
Arm Height 26”

COM: 30 yards (plain 54″ wide)
COL 540 sq. feet
Trim 35 yards trim or 3 yards COM for self-welt
Item Number: DC-TS-05

Dimensions: 39.25” DIAM x 29.50” H
13.80″ Seat Height (to crown)
COM: 10 yards (plain 54″ wide)
COL: 180 sq. feet
Item Number: DC-RC-40

Dimensions: 49.75” DIAM x 29.50” H
13.80″ Seat Height (to crown) ”
COM: 14 yards (plain 54″ wide)
Item Number: DC-RC-50

Finish: solid oak natural varnish or ebony-stained solid oak with satin varnish finish

*Available in custom sizes