The Brand

Amatoya is driven by a deep passion to articulate a unique story and formidable point of view. From Furniture design, Interior Design and Brand Direction, Amatoya builds a singular, synchronized experience built on alchemy of design.

The Oklahoma-based company has evolved into a multi-disciplinary global lifestyle brand that is leading the contemporary design conversation with experiential Residential, Hospitality, Healthcare, Commercial and Retail destinations and an expansive portfolio of artisan hand-crafted product designs inspired by the senses.

Amatoya has established a reputation for a nuanced designed furniture line that is compelling and invoking, as each piece is derived and inspired by some form or connection to Native American cultural elements.

Practical and effortlessly beautiful, the hallmark of Amatoya’s  furniture is that, whatever the setting, it feels as if it has always been there.

Furniture making is a calling, a vocation, a response to an inner voice. We personally select luxurious, responsibly-sourced materials from trusted suppliers; each labour-intensive piece is hand built at the bench by a skilled craftsman. From start to hand rubbed finish, each piece is traditionally made to the highest standard, ensouled by the hand of the maker.


Founded upon the belief that design should not be constrained or fragmented. Compelling design unites all facets of the interior and exterior spaces through a singular design expression. Our approach encompasses all disciplines to achieve exceptional design with conceptual cohesion and awe-inspiring built results.

Amatoya’s process starts with an idea that is ultimately layered with multiple elements; building up within the project context through transformative design, exploration, and storytelling. Each project’s success lies in the research, innovation, design strategy, and social context that is specific for each space and client. Our designs are original works that embody passion, integrity, quality, and beauty; yet maintain functionality and simplicity.

A multi-disciplinary design studio redefining luxury with an integrated approach that blurs the lines between design disciplines and project typologies. Pushing beyond the boundaries of the conventional process that separates physical structure from interior design and exterior environments, our approach has been honed across more than three decades in practice to deliver a unique singularity of vision. This rigorous and holistic approach has established the firm’s reputation for exceptionally crafted, meticulously detailed and thoughtfully curated spaces.

Taking on a limited number of commissions at a time, each project begins as a study into our clients’ objectives, without a preconceived notion or prototypical style. Equally pragmatic and artist, our approach centers on developing a meaningful understanding of each commission – balancing our client’s functional and aesthetic priorities to craft spaces that are fully conceptualized, richly layered and entirely representative of our clients’ vision. Each design is timeless, yet unexpected.

Services and Fabrication

Our firm’s commitment to producing well-considered design extends to the objects that inhabit the spaces we create. The process of making things, whether a building, a table or a door grip, reflects a deep-rooted understanding of the importance of personal interaction with design. As a team of accomplished artisans and designers, we work diligently with craftspeople, manufacturers and our clients, to realize original pieces that enrich the human experience and experiential environments.

Our fastidious attention to scale, proportion, fit, finish, and most importantly comfort, ensures every piece that leaves our workrooms is exactly what our customer requested.

We have experience with managing projects of all sizes, so that they are completed to order and on time. We provide individual attention to every customer, beginning with the initial consultation, continuing with visits while the pieces are being built, and ending with the custom tailored final product.

We design, engineer, build, and install practically any style of furniture, case good and millwork custom pieces to our clients specifications and requirements. Our staff and artisans are here to help your vision come to life.


Cray Bauxmont-Flynn, creative director and founder of Amatoya, is best-known to create free from the constraints of a typical aesthetic. Designing from the inside out, he believes that design functionality is of paramount importance. Each design decision is intentional and impactful, never an afterthought.

From opulent grandeur to modern purity, his stylistically varied portfolio is representative of his clients’ vision and united through unmistakable quality and attention to detail. Compelling design unites all facets of the interior and exterior spaces through a singular design expression.

Recognized for his ability to blur the lines between multiple design principals, his ethos has always been to approach the design of a space as one holistic vision. Every project is a collaborative venture that addresses form and function, a process individually tailored for each client’s unique needs, every facet of his process is thoughtfully planned, created and detailed to achieve exceptional design with conceptual cohesion and awe-inspiring results.

Design Team

Furniture making is a calling, a vocation, a response to an inner voice. A convergence of two oceans, Amtoya’s team is an alliance of designers, Native American artisans and master craftsmen cohesively bringing together a variation of cultures and characters; thus a kind of alchemy occurs, engendering extraordinary pieces grounded in practicality, a dialogue between art, culture, history and design.

“We don’t fit in, but for us, that’s a strategy.” Theirs is an intensely personal new modernism, a distillation of what delights and moves them, informed by that which came before.

“When two bodies of water meet there is tension, a difference in salinity, temperature, density, currents, colour, sediment… eventually, they mix. It’s like that with what is historical in Native American culture to functionality in today’s world.